Wednesday, November 27, 2013

R.I.P. Bella Bellisimo

Whew - today will go down as one of the tough days for sure. Though she'd been steadily slowing down over the past year, sleeping a lot and yelping for no reason, over the last couple of weeks Bella our 9-year old Viszla really just hadn't been herself. At all.

Reaching down to pet her pretty little head recently, I felt a neckful of mass under the skin and alarms bells went off. After a trip to the vet and a biopsy, the diagnosis was Stage 3 or 4 Canine Lymphoma. At that level, for all practical matters, incurable and fatal w/in a month or so. She had been having trouble breathing and recently was losing control of her bowels so today my wife, son Ethan and I made a really hard decision...

Bella came into our lives through a chance conversation I had with the owner of a Tierrasanta Dog Wash here in San Diego. I'd taken our first Viszla, River, in for a bath and was asked whether I'd ever considered getting another V.  One thing led to another and we ended up "rescuing" an 18-month puppy who was way too much for her elderly owner.

Bella was quickly a pal to River, game for anything. She became super-attached to Ethan, sleeping in his bed almost every night for the past 7 years!  I was proud of him for being with her at the end, their eyes locked on one another.  I may have been the Alpha male in the house, but Etho was her human soul-mate.

I know she's romping in Heaven's rockin' dog park now with River.  Goodbye sweet girl - we miss you!

Update: 12/1/13 — my daughter Emily expresses herself via Instagram.


blue wave dave said...

Bella was a good dog. I know it is a difficult time. The only way to look at it is all the good times you had with Bellisimo. I am very proud of my super star nephew Ethan for stepping up at a most difficult time. Love you guys. Uncle David

Jody said...

What a tough time. We are so sorry that you had to let her go. Proud of Ethan, it sounds like he took care of the situation well, helping you through it. She is happy, pain free and back with her buddy River.
Love you all, Jody and Jerry

Ron Van Hyfte said...

So sorry.

Laurie Rubin said...

So sorry for your loss. She was with a wonderful family and loved. Hugs to you, Kim and the kids.