Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FX Photo Studio Pro

If you've followed my "Missives" blog for any length of time you know I'm a bit of a Photography nut, in the enthusiast sense.  I've recently joined a new company called MacPhun Software and one of my favorite products of theirs is a powerhouse collection of filters and basic editing tools called "FX Photo Studio Pro."  It's got over 170 one-click filters that are a blast to browse. Once you pick one to apply, it's easy to experiment and riff from there.  After you find a look that you like, save it as a Custom preset to use on future images. 

Fx Photo Studio PRO is Mac-only and just $19.99. Give it a try. 

Hope you like the images below and give the software a try!

Original image shot on Moonlight Beach, San Diego

Color Pen Sketch effect!

Interface shot of adjusting effect (Ancient Canvas)

Black & White Glow effect

Interface shot of the Adjust panel. Note that you can crop & rotate too.

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