Saturday, February 09, 2013

Etho's head show

Fiddling around a bit after breakfast this morning and had an idea to create a quick video out of still images. I wanted to see if I could do it quickly in Adobe Lightroom 4, which I did, but ultimately ended up taking it into Apple's iMovie for better control over the timing and the ability to add special effects to the video clips (in this case, the stills).  Here were the steps:
  • 20 images taken w/ a Nikon D600
  • Import to Adobe Lightroom 4; batch edited for clarity and color
  • Created soundtrack in Garageband and saved into iTunes
  • Mashed it all up in iMovie, applied the Bleach Bypass effect, and exported as a Quicktime
  • Uploaded to YouTube, shared on Twitter and G+
  • Total time = 90 minutes
Fun stuff and hopefully the kid is inspired a bit too. ;-) Enjoy!

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