Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Idyllwild Visit, Part #1

Liam & Emily, pausing briefly from Snowman making
This year after Christmas, Kim and I decided to take the family (the entire family including dogs!) to Idyllwild, CA. It's a charming little town that I've visited many times on the bike and even a few times on trips similar to this one.  We again rented a cabin from "Sparky's Cabins," a quality outfit run I think by a former Airborne Ranger. As we climbed the mountain out of Hemet, the fog lay thick. By the time we got up to the "Hill" as the locals call it, snow flurries were swirling around the Expedition.

We'd split up from our traveling companions, Jon, Sheri, and Liam Wright back in Hemet when Ethan needed a pair of jeans (he was wearing shorts heading to snow flurries - that's my Boy Scout!).  After checking out our cabin, we caught up w/ the Wrights and did a little shopping in town.

Tunes from the past...
 The boys went one way, and Kim, Emily & Sheri went another. Eventually, Jon and I invited the girls into a wine & beer bar that we found called "Idyll Awhile." Cool place, made even cooler by the sounds of a blues record playing on a turntable!  While the kids had to make due outside (it was a 21-year and older place; who was I to argue?), I had a Hefewei├čen, Kim her customary Chardonnay, and Jon had this amazing Christmas ale whole alcohol content made him loopy. ;-)

Suave Jon
We retired from the bar and ventured over to the cabin that the Wrights had rented for dinner. The kids played outside in the snow, a rarity.  Theirs was a smallish place, but way quaint with a better build than our larger joint (think of a "double-wide" if ya know what I mean. ;-)

After macking down on some Frito chip "taco" recipe that Sheri's aunt had invented (which was delicious), we motored home in the continued snow flurries.  We came upon an AMG Mercedes having trouble getting our of a shallow ditch, so I pulled over and Ethan and I gave a hand. With no small effort pushing from the rear, we helped the couple drive it a few meters up the road to park for the evening. A friend came and picked them up.

Once back at our cabin, with the dogs fed, we settled into a movie ("Four Brothers") and a reasonably quiet night. As I write this, my eyes are lidded with the long day and Fat Tire ale I'm drinking.  More to come... ;-)

Cool wine selection

Kim, happy to be on vacation!

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After hosting a wonderful Christmas nice you were able to get away.