Friday, December 28, 2012

Idyllwild Christmas Trip, Day #2

Today was a slooooowww day that started out mid-morning. Nobody was moving fast in the chilling cold. Our friends, the Wrights, were on the hook for breakfast and we finally managed to arrive about 10:30 - only an hour late! ;-)

This was followed by a quick trip to the coffee shop in town and the purchase of a Forest "Adventure Pass," which is basically a parking pass for parks. They call it an Adventure Pass to "sex it up" but it's nothing more than paying for something that we've already paid for through our taxes. You can call it a "fee," but like putting lipstick on a pig, it's still a tax coming from our inefficient government!
3 Amigos on a rock...
We later tried to go hiking along the Ernie Maxwell trail, but the road to the trail head at Humber Park was icy - cars were slipping and sliding all over. So, the decision was to hike up the road from the Wright's cabin to Humber which we mostly did. It was cold and uphill all the way, with cars spinning out around us. After about 45 minutes, we turned around.

Got some exercise in before shopping down in the Village though, so that's good! Emily got yet another cute hat that is a beacon of her personality, Kim picked up a cool hand-made jacket & scarf, and I made out w/ an Aussie-sourced vest.

All in all, a relaxing day that ended w/ a delectable spaghetti dinner at the La Rue cabin, a cribbage game (damned you Jon!), and a goofy movie with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. ;-)  Tomorrow, we pack and slide back down the hill towards the coast!

Random pics from the day...

Graffiti - Idyllwild style.  (me likie!)

Etho - ready for action w/ Lily the Labrador

Amazing twig

Finnegan the Mighty!

Frozen twigs

Kim and Bella

Ethan, Bella, and Mom

Misty Mountain Majesty

Mountain Mike's Curio shop

The no-nonsense Big Guy!  ;-)

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