Saturday, February 05, 2011

Evader XTS2 - First Drive

My son Ethan turned 12 this past weekend and a couple of great things happened besides the passing of time:  he played Paintball for the first time (which will be the subject of another post) and he got a really sweet, very fast radio-controlled (R/C) "stadium" truck called an Evader XTS2.

It was easy to set-up and oh so fun to drive. Plus, spectacular in the dirt down at Canyonside Comm. Park!

The next day we cruised out with our next-door neighbor to share the joy of speed.

Action Filmstrip!
Minor jump. Processed with Nik Software filters Bleach Bypass & Tonal Contrast.
Now it's time for dad to save his shekels for one!

UPDATE - 2/6/11:  Took the Evader out with a new 7-cell battery (it came stock with a 6-cell).  Oh Jeez - way faster.  ;-)
Double Rooster-tail!