Saturday, February 06, 2010

Da Dump!

Etho and I went to the garbage dump today.  Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal, but it was pretty much the first time I'd been to a dump (AKA "landfill") here in CA vs. the ones in AZ.  The last one I was at was outside of Green Valley, AZ a few years back when visiting my step-father.  House man "Bear" and I had taken a load in the smallish red Nissan pickup truck.

The cool thing about the big Miramar landfill is that it's... well...  REALLY BIG.  You have to drive 5-8 minutes after cruising through the scales and paying to get to the pit.  Cars and trucks are shuffled away from the big trash haulers.  The birds were omnipresent.

It was raining when we went - a rarity in San Diego - which helped tamp down the stench and increase the mud content of the joint.

We were hauling a couple of closet doors, a toilet that my friend Tony wanted to get rid of, and some chest of drawers from the kid's rooms (following an Ikea visit to replace them).  Cost was $18 - ouch - but I wasn't complaining because the City of San Diego is stupid enough not to charge homeowners for trash pick-up!

I liked the mud and the birds and the time spent with Etho who seemed to dig helping his Dad for once...

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thedoglady said...

Hey Kevin, it's your old SD dog park pal. Man, would you and your bike love it out here. Especially as the streets are dry (snow has been intermittent, the Director has sent it mistakenly to the East Coast).

Hope all is well with you and the family. Love the photos. I know where the dump is but never went there, you're a brave soul.

We're up in Utah ski country, came here on a short-term gig and stayed. If you're visiting or know anyone who's looking J's company is hiring like mad. And check out the blog! It's still niche but over 25K hits so far. Cheers! Dee