Sunday, December 13, 2009

H1N1 Done & Done

Even though what we now know H1N1 is pretty much a fake epidemic, Kim and I had the opportunity to get the kids vaccinated last month, to the tune of about 4 hours waiting in line to be one of the "lucky 1000."

Because Em is under 8 though, she gets 2 snifters up the nose. Last Saturday, dear 'ol Dad (that's me) got up about 5am and, with coffee in hand, headed down to one of the Poway elementary schools. I figured getting there at 5:45 would put me damned close to the front, if not #1. Boy, was I wrong! Rain or not, there were scores of people ahead of me, and by 7am - 2 hours before the first shot would be administered - there were hundreds in line.

The good news is that, as with last time, making small talk with your neighbors is kind of fun. In November I chatted with a General Contractor for a couple of hours; this time I met Robert, a Biomedical Robotics Field Engineer. Whoa! I thought of some kind of bio weapon arthropod, but, well... the reality is that he fixes the machines that administer thousands of precise doses in samples at drug company labs around the Western U.S. Still damned cool.

Kim dropped Emily off about 30 minutes before we got to go in, her hair all disheveled from just having been awakened. We got 'er done and were off to the rest of Saturday - building a "sleigh" for our Scout den and watching the Wildcats lose badly to the San Diego State Aztecs. Still, we bought some piece of mind for the ladies in the household.

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