Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oceanside Pier Fishing with the Scouts

Practically nothing stirs a boy or girls heart with excitement more than the promise dealt by fishing: luring a floppy sea or lake beast to snatch at a hook and dragging said fishie to the surface against her will. It's a thrashy frenetic time for the fish and kid alike when the scaly, googly-eyed creature finally breaks the surface. "What the hell?!" no doubt top of mind for the fish!

We took to famous Oceanside Pier last weekend to rent sea-faring poles and try our luck. Etho and sister Emily were looking forward to the challenge. It was a breezy afternoon,warm, and the Pier was crowded. We rented poles and bought the bait suggested by the shop proprietor - in this case Squid. Meanwhile the kids were scolded by a homeless dude for messing with the pigeons; I decided to let that be a life lesson...

As the only one who had a pocket knife on him, I was nominated to be the bait cutter. Soon all had poles in the water, some 40 feet below. While the grizzled vets were pulling Mackerel in around our merry band, we were drawing blanks. For awhile... Finally one of the boys landed one after about 30 minutes! Every other kid leaned the poles against the railing to go take a look, then went back to redouble their own efforts.

The girls were mostly prancing about and I wasn't paying too much attention until Em and Tina bounded up with Squid tails sleeved on to their thumbs - who woulda thunk it?! Giggling, bloodthirsty lasses. Good training I thought for later life- ha!

As the afternoon wore on, another couple of fishies were hauled to the surface by our crew, but a little fatigue set in as the shadows grew longer. The girls shifted their attention to a dead fish one of the many Filipino families had been using for bait ( hacking meat out of it as needed). Pretty soon they were waving it around like a trophy and poking at it's glassy eyeballs. Fun stuff, that stiff fish.

Everyone had worked up an appetite so we asked for a local recommendation and landed at Las Colimas, a fast sit-down Mexi place about 2 blocks from the Pier. Cheap and didn't seem to look askance at 8 or so loud kids.

It was a good day for me - relaxing with minimal "referee" work with the kids. But best of all was the note Ethan wrote me on my iPhone afterwards: "Hi dad thank you for helping me fish today i loved it besides the part when Emily put the bloody fish in my hair. I can't believe Emily keeps a pet squid in her pocket."

Warms my heart - whether we caught a fish or not.

(blogged from Sky Harbor airport via iPhone)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Late Night at the La Rue's

The Macs are humming, my eyes are bloodshot.  Definitely time to turn in after a Scout meeting and hours of work on Nik Software business.  Making my way slowly up the stairs, my first stop (as always) is to check on the kids.

They are peaceful; fast asleep.  Softly breathing.  Bella the Vizsla is curled up at Emily's feet. Ethan is lazily stretched out, on the verge of snoring.  Though beat down by life and work, I'm cognizant of how blessed my life is...  these living souls are connected with mine, never to be severed.