Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping & Football Father's Day

Father's Day 2009 will go down as an especially sweet one indeed; several things conspired to make it so:

iPhone 3GS - she'd ignored several of my not-so-subtle hints, so it was entirely unclear whether wife Kim would agree to me joining the "cult of the iPhone" when I called her last Friday. Two work colleagues had shiny new phones on their desks and reported the line was only 20 minutes at the Apple Store Fashion Valley!

I called Kim from my formerly state-of-the-art BlackBerry and pressed the point, asking "Can I go get one dear?" (and trying ever so hard to keep the desperation out of my voice). She drove a hard deal: Birthday gift and Christmas 2008 gift which I'd never cashed in on. Ouch! Still, the smart phone has got plenty of giddy up!
Hurkey Creek Motorcycle Camp - It's long been a goal of mine to test out the F800GS on a short "shake-down" camping trek. Well... this weekend I ticked that one of the 'ol checklist with an overnighter up at Hurkey Creek County Park near Lake Hemet with my good friend Mark "DL650" Myers. We left from Mark's place in Rancho Bernardo about 1pm on Saturday, taking almost exactly the same route I had back in Nov. 2008, heading towards Idyllwild, CA.

After jaunting through Ramona, Santa Ysabel, Warner Springs, Aguanga, and Anza we found ourselves at a park hopping with families and friends camping for the holiday weekend. Awesome riding too numerous to mention (OK, ya twisted my arm: the 6 miles on 371 from Anza to the Pines-to-Palms turn-off are spectacular in their twistyness, as is the Lake Hemet-to-Idyllwild blast). Plus all the riding to get there! ;-) Enjoy some pics.

What - No action shots??!!

Ethan Mows the Lawn - Perhaps it was sheer glee at seeing me home again safely, or a Father's Day gift from a cool young man, but the most amazing thing happened about an hour after getting home from the camp: Completely of his own volition, Etho came outside to help me with the yardwork! OMG - the boy is growing up.

Yahoo! Finally some help in the yard!

Dads vs. the Boys - In preparation for the upcoming Rancho Penasquitos "Stampede" Junior Pee Wee Pop Warner football season, the league is holding weekly 2-hour conditioning clinics in June and July. In August the pace cranks up to 5/week - whoa!

For Father's Day, the coaches decided that an hour of conditioning, followed by an hour of 2-hand touch ball with the Dad's would be a good idea. Right they were! On the field of glory that is the Westview Wolverines home stadium (artificial turf and proper running track and all); on this one Sunday afternoon, 2 sets of men came together in heated battle. The brash upstarts vs. the seeming giants of the field: the DADS. The boys played valiantly, but "age & guile baby!"

Fun playing on a "real" field!

The weekend ended with a dandy family dinner at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, a last splurge for a weekend already engorged with good times.

PS: And last but certainly not least, Carl La Rue (my dad) is recovering nicely from having partial right knee replacement surgery - hope he'll be up and about when we get there for the 2009 Family Reunion in 6 short days! (Hi Pop!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fail Blog

Hands down my favorite new irony-is-comedy site on the web is A community site that crowdsources idiocy from around the world, failblog is an unending ribbon of social inanity. You know, like this one:

See what I mean? This is quality. OK, how about another?

Ouch - and her parents will wonder about that pole-dancing hobby at age 14. ;-) Here's another goodie:

You get the idea... If you happen to have a few minutes to surf, paddle on over to and hang ten on some giggles.

Credit: Thanks MorneƩ Sherry for sharing this gem with me...