Saturday, May 09, 2009

MVRTV Takes on the F800GS

Over the past week or so I've been taking in an excellent video review of the F800GS on YouTube. It was shot by Bill Wolf of "Motorcycle Video Review" with a cool helmet cam. I love this angle because you experience exactly what he sees when he sees it.

Starting at the Fall North American BMW press intro of the bike, Bill goes a step further and continues the "real-world" review on his journey home. He takes in some amazing back-roads in Utah and Colorado, and narrates them with the ease of a seasoned rider.

What a great adventure and all done solo! In many of the comments, Bill said the whole task of editing was grueling but the comments he's received since posting in February makes it all worth the effort.

Did I mention this is an 8-parter?! All of the segments weigh in over 9 minutes meaning I will have basically been watching an entire MOVIE on the F800GS by the time I'm done - wahoo! ;-)

My favorite episodes thus far were number 6 & number 7 where Bill says, "I don't even know where I am; I don't care its awesome..." For the record, where he was is absolutely gorgeous riding for big and heavy dual-sport bikes: dirt roads through the forests, small water crossings, rocky patches where the torque of the F800GS shines. All the while, a near-constant well-considered narrative that illuminates both the ride and spirit of adventure touring.

How about the quote "when they find my body, please tell my wife it was a GREAT ride! And make sure you tell her I love her as well - ummm... you get in trouble if you don't do that!" ;-)

During episode 7, the temperature cruised past 42.8 degrees on it's way into the 30's - you can tell when he talks, he's got that cold speech slur. And... the GPS read 11, 385 feet elevation which is nothing to sneeze at (or maybe it is!).

Mr. Wolf is a master of the inspirational one-liner: "Nothing better than being nowhwere." Another gem of a quote. "Good steering when you're standing." Also seems like knobby tires are the way to go - he's really sure-footed off road. When Mark Myers and I went up Nate Harrison Grade (on Palomar Mtn), I was really nervous about traction on my "Conti Battlewings."

Another great quote: "It's time for a headlight test" (yes, he's riding at night late in episode 7) and "I could do without the rocks at night...just think - if I make a mistake you'll get to see it and...well, I'll get to feel it."

View Episode 7

As I write this, episode 8 isn't on YouTube yet (#7 was uploaded about 3 weeks ago). I can safely say however that many of us anxiously await a safe outcome and Bill's final thoughts on our favorite bike.