Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Business Swarm

I've always approached trade shows at face value: hang out a shingle and roll the dice as to who swings by to see what ya have to offer. Then maximize that encounter.

Oh sure, set some meetings (trying to limit the number who are trying to sell YOU) but also spend time fully focused on what's in front of you too...

Take the WPPI and PMA shows I just attended. Back-to-back Las Vegas trips; one end-user focused and the other more reseller/trade partner oriented. The former was a friendly rollicking fun show with people genuine in their hunger to learn more. Sales were pretty much snap decisions. The latter was slower, and one whose success will likely be measured in the days and weeks to come.

I met with some many resellers this week looking for ways to expand their business (hey, software is high margin, says I!). Also spent some time with some cool guys from Peachpit who are maybe interested in penning a book about Nik Software tools. Canada continues to dominate my radar too. I call this the "swarm approach:" take all comers.

All of this will take some work to close or otherwise derive benefit from. Well... guess that's why they pay me the BIG BUCKS! ;-) LOL

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