Monday, February 02, 2009

The 2009 Pinewood Derby Rocked!

This year's edition of the Pack 621 Pinewood Derby was super-fun. I had missed the 2008 running due to a poorly-timed business trip so I was extra-anxious to enjoy every single moment. Capably led by Sharlene Forbes and a host of volunteers, we dialed in the cars and practiced on a Friday night, then raced Saturday morning.

I was probably as excited as Ethan - his car looked excellent and I was hopeful of a solid performance (by both of us).

A former dad in the Pack has some pull at the excellent LDS church up the road - they have a basketball gym that can easily accommodate our crowd of 50-60 parents, boys and siblings.

Sharlene was able to secure a well-built track and an electric timer (key to eliminating ALL controversy). And, being a statistician, she arranged a sequence of "heat" races to determine the top 4 racers who would compete to represent our Pack at the upcoming Scout Fair in April at Qualcomm Stadium.

Racing action at its finest - wow, look at that photo-finish!

Along the way, two "belt loop" stations were set-up (music and heritage) and a free snacks table was available. Thanks to Jeanette Candelaria and June Ludwick for manning those stations!

Emotions ranged from pride to delirium

Chris Claborne, the Camera Ninja, once again proved his mad warrior skills behind the lens. The pictures you see on this post are his with full credit - if you are looking for an excellent portrait and fun-loving location photographer at a reasonable price, look no further than Mr. Claborne.

Pit row was awash in last minute fixes and graphite powder lubricant. My hot glue gun was a hit. The natives were restless! Fun stuff.

But not too restless to enjoy the Parent races and the sibling/guest races. It should be noted that the Parent races pitted cars that had virtually no restrictions on them.

Clearly the fastest in the group was that chunk of wood with a 1lb of lead on it entered by Ryan Omer. LOL. At the speed it was traveling, every crash into the foam at the end of the track took its toll. Still, it prevailed. I had to take consolation in my "Electric Gravitas" racer which I think earned serious style points!

In the end, racing action was intense, emotions ran high, and each of the 4 final contestants ran on each lane of the track one time - thereby eliminating any advantage a cock-eyed lane might provide.

In the end, a Webelos 2 boy who will be bridging to Boy Scouts in about 3 weeks came away with top honors - hearty congrats, Juan! Keep that car safe and we'll be cheering you on in April!

Congratulations Juan - do us proud!

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