Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the Road to Cold

Thought I would see if I could blog from my Blackberry - turns out I can, but you gentle reader shall be the judge!

Heading to Des Moines, IA which regularly sees "zero" degrees. Ouch! That's hurtful, or if you prefer WTF??!!

Jody - my dear Sis - has been embroiled in a caustic split with her 2nd husband that is nothing short of a horror film on rails, sprinting for a landmine field. Really about as non-amicable as one could imagine. Toss in a "parental alienation" chaser and you have a cocktail of devastating proportions.

The losers in all this are the kids - deep down they are supremely confused but love both parents. However, it's my belief the Ex has manipulated the kids into thinking they must make a choice. Plying them w/ gifts and a permissive atmosphere and lie after lie made the choice of allegiance easy for their impressionable lives.

Regardless, they have made the choice to make their Mom "persona non grata" and everyone suffers short & long-term trauma. Their child counselor has stated repeatedly that the children are deeply hurt and angry; that it's the worst case he's seen in 28 years of practice. Well, that's a record nobody should want.

So I sit on the tarmac in Dallas, I'm not thinking of the chilly temperatures ahead, but rather the cold, dark Winter Jody's kids face as they struggle everyday with the weight of their hateful decisions and with trying to understand what went so wrong.

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