Wednesday, January 14, 2009

F800GS Bar Risers Install

I ordered the "Ultimate" compact toolkit for an F800GS and a pair of ROX Pro offset "bar risers" from Adventure Designs a couple of weeks ago - my Christmas present to myself!  The toolkit was needed because it was a fast, convenient way to assemble ALL the various wrenches, Torx bits, etc. needed to deal with every fastener on the bike.  Plus, it's supposed to fit under the seat, although I haven't tried it yet.  The YouTube video makes it look easy, but I'm sure it will be a challenge.

Bar risers are good for riding while standing on the pegs. Riding in this position helps cushion the back and body when traveling over bumpy roads.  Without the risers, it's uncomfortable and a bit unnatural to hunch over and reach for the bars.  DR650 Mark and I have been practicing standing up on every dirt road we come to; after all, practice makes perfect.  By raising them an inch or more, I'm finding it more comfortable to stand and the bike handles better.  On paved road, the bike feels taller, but I'm re-learning lean angles again - not a big deal.

Installation was a bit funny.  At first I thought I'd try the recommended configuration for "adventure bikes."  Unfortunately, when spinning the wheel "lock-to-lock", the riser block hit my ignition protector (see below).  So, I had to switch 'em.  Mark, who happened by during installation, concurred.

Here is a picture of them installed, giving me more height.  I tilted the bars back towards the seat a bit to make it even easier to ride.  I've felt some ache in my shoulders on the ride, but again I think that's just re-learning...

One thing I thought was odd was that at the recommended torque spec for an 8mm aluminum bolt, the top of the risers didn't completely seat to the bottom half.  I'm keeping my eye on it though...  Onward!

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