Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo Plus Expo in the Big Apple

My 2nd Photo Plus Expo in Gotham City with Nik Software. Typical first day settling in to the prattling pitchman mode, dogs barking, throat scratchy, wondering what I'm picking up with every handshake and smile. Lovely industry the photographers have created though - mainly workin' folks, keen on their craft. Some egoists, but that goes with the territory I suppose.

The Nik Software booth was steadily jammed with attendees wanting to check out the latest from the firm, or just take a load off their backs in our comfy-seated theater. Sales OK as those things go, but more is better - we'll be fired up for the whole show. Some of us were true "Rock Stars" as this picture of Herr Haftel clearly indicates!

I did enjoy meeting a long time correspondant of mine named Xenophon Beake in the flesh so to speak. He and his wife Frances were very pleasant, and he showed me some nicely rendered images of his excellent black Crown Vic automobile. Tony Corbell and Xenophon go way back...they both claim "oh, we got stories..." ;-)

After the first day, I decided to take a lazy walk-through Times Square (which you already know if you follow my Twitter feed) and have a relaxing dinner at an Irish Pub off Broadway. Got a fun shot of a Times Square cop hassling a photographer for using a tripod with his DSLR - apparently that's not cool without a permit.

Walking back was a tiny bit chilly, but not bad given the Gap coat I lugged out to the East coast.

On Day 2, it was more of the same from the show standpoint, but we hooked up with the good folks from Mitsubishi Imaging & Pictorico Japan for a most excellent meal at Ruby Foo's, an Asian "Fusion" restaurant a few blocks from our hotel. There were 14 people total, including some C-level cats from Tokyo, but $1100 later all was good. ;-) My German co-worker Christian Grosse and I walked around Times Square (2nd time for me) with Michael Gilbert, a professional photographer who is doing a seminar with us next week. Michael is one of our Team Nik shooters and does good work from the studios he maintains in Hawaii and Paris (tough, eh?).

Day 3 was a little more low key - booth was jammed at times and we continued to amaze folks with Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, and our Capture NX 2 demos. Several people asked about Lightroom 2 compatibility, so we'll probably have to take a closer look at that soon.

Speaking of Capture NX 2 (which we developed, but Nikon sells under their own name), it was all over the place at the show. Very strong showing with continuous theater demos in the Nikon booth, free Trial versions for EVERY attendee, and some good-looking literature pieces. Hopefully there is some good recap press coverage coming from the show.

On this final evening several of us went to Don Giovanni's restaurant to celebrate the end of the show and wind down. The food was a gut-pleasing delicious, there was good conversation among work comrades, and a friendly waitress from Israel. I had an amazing lemon-chicken dish cooked to perfection, with capers that set the taste-buds tingling!

Tomorrow I plan to hoof it on over to Central Park for some sunrise shots if I can get 'em - Tony Corbell turned me on to a good location that should yield some amazing reflective shots into a still pool on the south side of the Park. Then, it's off to JFK and a short 5-hour flight back on Jet Blue, my new favorite airline on the strength of their in-flight entertainment systems. Cheers.

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