Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First F800GS Impressions

I'm sure my regular and loyal readership is sick to death of the F800GS musings, but it truly is a gem of a bike thus far. Plenty of power, handling fine for a 21" front wheel, lovely luggage, nice exhaust sounds, and the like. I don't have a problem with the bulbous, wobbly brake reservoir that others have, and I'm not complaining about the vibrations (hey, it's a Twin after all!) or the wind-noise (pussies).

On the down side, the digital fuel gauge is driving me nuts - filling up at a gas station and having the gauge read 1/3 of a tank is maddening. I'm kicking myself because I forgot to mention that issue at the 600 mi. service... duh!

Speaking of the service ($180, btw), I was able to swap out the lowered seat that came with the bike for the standard (higher) seat I'd ordered. Whoa - definitely is taller and oh what a PLANK! My butt was numb from the git-go. Still, after a week or so, it's getting softer or I'm just getting used to it.

Last weekend I had a terrific ride - those of you in San Diego will know whereof I speak: Highland Valley eastbound to Bandy Canyon, Hwy 78, Old Julian Hwy (with a stop at Michelle & George Welsh's house), back to the east side of Highland Valley heading west back to Hwy 15. Fun stuff; just like old times. Bike did everything I asked of it, including the sharp 15mph curves on HV and Old Julian. I definitely felt rusty, but a lot of street smarts are coming back quickly. It will take a while to grow into this bike. My biggest challenge will be slow-speed maneuvering on the beast - hey, practice will make perfect.

Trying to dig up some Sunday morning riding partners this weekend; otherwise, I'm off to the races on my own.


Marble Madness said...

Who cares what others think. Keep the F800GS posts coming. As I wait for mine to arrive it is all I can do to get my fix.

Have you ridden two-up yet? I've been curiously how that is going to handle, carry the load and feel for the passenger.

Because of the backrest option for the top case, I have been looking in to that. But I have also been checking out Happy Trail products (out of Boise, ID where I live). They make some nice cases as well.

Do you recommend the updated silencer? What is the difference with that and the stock?

Sorry for all the questions, just hard to have everything answered when you haven't seen one in person yet.

Happy Trails!

Kevin said...

Hiya Marble Madness - nope, not ridden 2-up yet. My wife is just not that enthusiastic (but the kids are stoked!). I'll have to check out Happy Trails - the top case is pretty smooth already and with a jacket on a backrest may not be necessary for short trips (YMMV).

I've got the Akropovic and it sounds nice - I'm told a little "throatier." Unfortunately I haven't heard a stock one yet - I went straight for the Akro because it was part of an accessory package. Cheers.