Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm within spittin' distance of the break-in service of 600 miles on the new bike. A couple of quibbles, but overall man is it awesome!

Far exceeds expectations and turns heads everywhere. People say it looks fast and mean (yet classy) just standing still. ;-)

Not insignificantly, I feel the F800GS tugging me towards a camaraderie with riding buddies and visceral experiences that I haven't felt since the K75S was sold in 2002. I'm ALIVE!

This is a VERY good thing all around.

Here are some pics from delivery day and then a week later at sunrise over Iron Mountain, East Poway. Of course, breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen in Ramona with some good-natured strangers ensued.
Iron Mountain Sunrise

Kountry Kitchen with an MV Augusta, a couple of Ducatis and more

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