Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm within spittin' distance of the break-in service of 600 miles on the new bike. A couple of quibbles, but overall man is it awesome!

Far exceeds expectations and turns heads everywhere. People say it looks fast and mean (yet classy) just standing still. ;-)

Not insignificantly, I feel the F800GS tugging me towards a camaraderie with riding buddies and visceral experiences that I haven't felt since the K75S was sold in 2002. I'm ALIVE!

This is a VERY good thing all around.

Here are some pics from delivery day and then a week later at sunrise over Iron Mountain, East Poway. Of course, breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen in Ramona with some good-natured strangers ensued.
Iron Mountain Sunrise

Kountry Kitchen with an MV Augusta, a couple of Ducatis and more

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GS spotted: San Diego!

I was at the Southwest Airlines curbside drop-off at Lindbergh field today when the call came in. I recognized the number - it was the motorcycle dealership.

You know - THE motorcycle dealership. Said good-bye rather quickly to friend and workmate Tony Corbell who was heading to Vegas on biz and clicked the "Answer" button to hear: "Hi Kevin, this is Gary over at San Diego BMW Motorcycles. There's a truck outside with your bike on it."

Wow. Out of body experience (though I had to bottle up the "Whoopee!" a little bit as I was pulling away from the curb under the watchful eye of a traffic cop). "I'll be there in 30 minutes," says I. And off I was, back to Nik Software to pick up my friend Laurie and a camera. Laurie has been a tremendous pillar of support throughout the "waiting ordeal." Her hubbie Wayne has a KLR650 and I hope to ride a fair piece with him at some point.

When we arrived at about 11am in the morning, the dealership was fairly quiet, but even so I felt the crackling energy of an F800GS in the vicinity. Gary saw us and said it was out back, and I spent a few precious minutes with Stan the service manager looking it over.

Clean. No damage from the voyage detailed ad nausea elsewhere in this blog. I was surprised that it was in a cardboard box, but saw a reasonably secure 1 x 4 frame built around it within the box. The front tire was off in its own cardboard cradle. A fair amount of thin foamy covering to keep the bike sano. Overall, very pleased with the packing.

I told Stan I had a few things in the Parts dept. to pay for (bashplate and crash bars), plus an Accessory Package that his guys would need to install. He understood the mission completely.
Then... the operative question: "Can I pick it up tomorrow (9/4/08)", says I. "I think we can get that done for you," says he.

Grins all around. I headed for the Parts dept. to talk to Sean and Jeff. Good times; stay tuned.... After all, we have to pick out a name for the steed.

Contemplating my navel.