Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mark's New Suzuki DR650

Imagine my delight this morning when my long-time friend Mark called me to ask if I could drive him down to a dealer in Chula Vista (South Bay Motorsports) where he'd at last found a black Suzuki DR650. I picked him up from home at 3pm with my son Ethan in tow and off we all went: 3 guys on a mission.

The dealership was a long ways away, but oh boy what a complete joint. Like many of the mega-dealers, this one represented Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Very impressive. When we got there, Mark made a bee-line for the gent that he'd spoken with earlier, who wheeled a 2008 DR650 out to the front entrance. Nicely detailed new bike with 1 mile on the speedo. Very dual-sport.

To my amazement, Mark let me have first ride around the parking lot and the bike definitely has power. 2nd gear pulled surprisingly strong. Me likie! It had been 20 years since Mark was
on the street, and he did really well on the way home. The highway seemed a little unnerving the first time out, but he handled it adroitly. Lots of people merging, but he moved neatly from lane to lane and still was modulating the throttle (break-in period).

Mark cruised by my house for a few minutes to debrief, then was on his way again to Poway - God speed!

I'm so anxious now and anticipating the F800GS. The latest of course is that it's at the VPC (vehicle processing center) in New Jersey, timing unknown but probably September. I can't wait to ride with my buddies and explore new territory. Alex T. is considering an F800GS as well, by the way, and Rod is looking at KTM640 & 990s... It's a good time.

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