Monday, August 04, 2008

BBQ Smackdown a Go-Go

This afternoon was really special. Skip Cohen (Publisher of famous photo pub Rangefinder) and Carey Schumacher, local photographer and owner of Barefoot Memories, had challenged each other to a cook-off. The proceeds were going to the "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" foundation which helps families who have lost babies get through the grieving process and have beautiful memories through photography. The gauntlet was thrown, the grills were fired up, and the contest was on!

Tony Corbell, my good friend and co-worker from Nik Software had been scheduled to attend, but was called away at the last minute. Lucky for me though, he gave me his "Golden Ticket" which gives the bearer "magic judging powers." When I got to Balboa Park where the event was held things were in full swing, albeit with people I didn't know. Nevermind, there were great smellin' steaks a'grillin' and smiles all around.

Soon the 8 judges were seated with steaming steaks and fixins' in front. Both pieces of glorious meat were cooked to perfection, I'll hand that to the chefs. I cut into the first steak and sampled it. Good, but... an interesting flavor. Fancy in fact (maybe too fancy I thought). I was eager to taste the second. Whoa. This is good. Solid presentation. Flavorful. Salty. Meaty. The caveman in me was stirred. 

Naturally I had to finish both steaks - all in the interest of "science" of course. Still, in the end, Carey's steak took home the honors with a "ravensalt" rub that gave her meat all the flavor of the Old West or a fresh Mastodon kill. Congrats Carey on your 5-3 win!

Skip - hold yer head up proudly, amigo. Though the Jack Daniels and Soy sauce was a bit over the top for this landlubber, many gentle folk sampled and were drawn to it. Until next time folks...


thedoglady said...

So now you're a cooking judge. Hmm. I might need you in a few days but unfortunately no food will be in reach unless you bribe me to send you some TX brisket. Dee

thedoglady said...

See my blog for Cowboy poetry and the Chuck Wagon Throwdown. Join but you can't be a judge. No-one will enter so it'll go bust.

Fan of Marty Robbins? El Paso? Let me know. Dee