Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Now THIS is a Good Thing

Note: See updates below.

It's a funny obsessive SPIN that waiting puts on your life. Especially waiting for something you've been dreaming about for 5 years, and that's been inching towards reality for 9 months (hmmm... sounds like a baby!).

There are more than a few of us who are daily readers of and posters on the ADV Rider forum. It's proven a great place to hang out, get advice, dream a little, relive adventures, and kvetch about the sorry state of affairs as the U.S. gets dissed from BMW Motorrad on the eve of the F800GS launch last March. Nope, no bitterness there... LOL

So earlier this week... finally things get super-interesting. According to San Diego BMW Motorcycles owner Gary Orr, the VIN number on my super stealthy, uber-speedy Magnesium Gray F800GS puts me at #216, scheduled for production on July 17 (about 5 days ago as I write this). I'm guessing here a bit, but hopeful that those last several digits in the longer VIN foreshadow some ranking of build order.

But I digress. In a post this evening, a fellow on ADVRider stated that got confirmation from his dealer that his cycle was "on the boat", AND he linked to a real-time positioning map of where the boat is on the high seas (ed note: this server doesn't seem to be working now).

True or false, I don't know, but it sure does sound promising! Further, his dealer said that the boat is due into the Port of New York on July 23. Checking the Port of New York/New Jersey Vessel Traffic website, they DO have a listing for the Ever Delight arriving on 7/23/08 from its last port of Le Havre, France. So far, so good! It came out of the "Ambrose Channel" (presumably from the open ocean to the actual port), at 2:40pm.

The betting line is that it could be at his dealer in 1-2 weeks. He lives in PA, so assuming it takes an extra week to get to the Left coast, we're looking at seeing the beast around August 13. Wow. Pinch me.

Update: Today I received an email from Mike @ San Diego BMW. He confirmed that the build date of my F800GS was 7/18, leaving port on 7/27. I'm trying to estimate what the time-in-transit might be and will update this blog as new info arrives. The ship, by the way, is called the Ever Result. I like that word "Result." ;-)

Update #2: 8/3/08 - I found a new, better site to do cargo ship tracking. It is a site called: cargotracking.org and it's much more complete than the other site I stumbled upon earlier. Basically it confirms the Ever Result sailed from the Port of Bremerhaven on 7/27 en route to Rotterdam, Le Havre, France and finally to New York with a scheduled arrival of 8/4. Ummm... that's TOMORROW for those of you who are counting! ;-)

Over on the ADV Rider forum, folks are speculating that cargo from the first ship coming in with F658GS and F800GS bikes has been held, pending arrival of the Ever Result which carries the balance of the bike shipments to cover all the U.S. Dealer allocations. Theoretically that means the bikes will begin transport out to the individual dealers within a couple of days. It will probably take a week or so to get out here to the Left Coast, but having the steed "in-country" is huge. Keep ya'll posted as I come across additional info.


thedoglady said...

I hope you'll post a photo of your new "baby" when it arrives. D

thedoglady said...

Any news?