Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty's Day & the Extreme Weirdness of Vegas

So how weird is it to be loose in Las Vegas on St. Patrick's Day? Everyone's wearing green (except those of us that have a "trade show uniform") and on the verge of drunk most of the day. Or maybe that's just how it is at trade shows... In this case, it's the Wedding and Portrait Photographers show, a dandy event.

After 2o years of working trade shows in the computer, Linux and now photographic software industries, one thing is a constant: people want to feel like they are getting the inside scoop. Yep, it all comes down to that. From the myriad seminars, to chance meetings in the hallways with friends, and demos at our exhibit booths, folks come here expecting the "latest and greatest."

To the extent we give it to them, they are satisfied. Don't take this lightly. We are painting the magic of "what is possible." Our new product Viveza is causing some pause. Good news: It's freakin' awesome and will change the way people think about image editing. Bad news: It's more expensive than people want it to be, esp. when they want to buy some of our other products at the same time. Not a bad thing! Helps us to work harder to SELL IT.

We are slammed at the booth. Non-stop people; I'm hustling to pass out literature, answer questions and scan badges so that we can email folks later. I'm serious about this job. Everyone can use this product - , whether they know it or not. I use it on almost every picture. Old or young, new photographer or crusty salt. Many balk at the price, but my job is to intimate that in just a few uses it will pay for itself. If you're paid for your work, this is true.

Tony Corbell is giving presentations in Nikon's booth, and the Albums Inc. booth, and will have a 1,200 person presentation about lighting (what else?) on Tuesday. I wish him well. His CD with Software Cinema ought to sell well and I hope he is ready to buy that Shelby Mustang he keeps talking about (so I can "test drive" it too!).

Did I mention we are slammed at the booth? Janice, Josh, Sean and Victor are doing great jobs with their theatre demos - folks are spilling over into the aisles. I suggested going with one station for our 10' x 20' booth instead of crowding it with 2 stations, and it seems to be working out well.

Tonight we ate at a Moroccan restaurant which featured great and authentic food well prepared, cheap bad-tasting beer and... belly dancers. Hmmm... sounds like a good combination to me!

Two more days of the show. Hopefully a ton more sales and more friendly people to chat with who are into (a) software or (b) making their digital image editing lives easier. i like this photography market - wahoo!

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