Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Perfect Zombie

As I have so many, many times before, I mysteriously transformed in the "perfect zombie" this afternoon at the park with my kids. I chased Ethan and Emily around the park and up and down the playground equipment.

Grabbing and tickling at Ethan's ankles as he desperately tried to escape up the climbing wall was a singular highlight for me and a self-claimed "blast" for him. Did I ever really catch him? YES!! And I CONSUMED flesh and limbs... (see, told ya I was the perfect zombie!).

Then, I turned my attention to Emily, who was a tastier sweeter snack than the rough-hewn little boy meat. Pure unadulterated chasing was her favorite activity, up the slide, down the stairs, around the playground gear she taunted. Taunting even as I held her upside down, never letting up this one...

2 rolling kids, just prior to being "eaten alive"

What causes a child to love being chased? The thrill of escape? A quick-beating heart and pumping lungs reminding them they are kids with cares thrown to the wind? Or knowing that however scary Dad might be as a zombie every capture ends with a kiss?

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