Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter @ Disneyland

Last Christmas 2007, Kim's cousin Steve presented us with a marvelous (and at the time FREE) gift: a pledge to take us all to Disneyland sometime in the first part of 2008. As I said, awesome gift and of course one with strings - his only caveat was that he gets to come along too. Pshawww... no problemo, amigo! ;-)

After a fair amount of wrangling over dates/times, we finally settled on Easter Sunday and the following Monday. Go figure. Well, my intention is to take it as she comes. So, as I type this the girls are lounging around the pool at the Orangeland RV Park in Anaheim, Ethan is timing how fast ice melts in the 80+ degree heat and the dogs are panting in the air-conditioned RV. We're supposed to meet Steve in about an hour at the entrance to California Adventure Park, so this is definitely the lull before the storm. The plan is to take in the CA Park today and tonight, and then do Disneyland all day tomorrow.

I'll be snapping some pics of our happy joy here shortly, and will update this post as the action unfolds. Stay tuned!

Update #1:
Through the magic of cell phone technology we miraculously hooked up with Steve outside of the California Adventure park. I immediately hustled over to get some Fast Passes for Tower of Terror (an Emily favorite at this point), and then settled in to a glorious Nestle crunch bar in the withering heat of the late afternoon. You're not supposed to bring a camera on to the Tower, but that admonition didn't stop this scofflaw!

After the Tower, we relaxed on the Monster's Inc. ride - amazing characters with my favorite being the Sushi Chef (natch!). The ride brings back the movie, in spades.

Later, we enjoyed a delightful dinner at Ariel's Grotto as the evening kicked into gear. The kids loved being photographed with the Princesses!

Update #2:
Disneyland - accept no substitute! Fantastic day. Emily's first ride on Indiana Jones, made even more special knowing that the movie will be out later this year.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was a hoot, as was Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.

For my own sanity, I was fortunate enough to steal away from the gang a few times, wander a bit and take some "artsy" shots, presented here for your amusement and critique (some from Disney and some from CA Adventure).

Hey, at the end of the day, Cousin Steve is a rock star (not to mention a King in his mind and ours!). Thanks buddy and we'll see ya on the next Disney adventure!

More Disney & CA Adv. pics on my Flickr gallery (soon).

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