Sunday, February 10, 2008


Last week and just one day after Mitt Romney "suspended" his campaign for the '08 presidency, my 3rd grade son Ethan took part in a school program dubbed "Patriotism in the USA."

It was a wonderful 45 minute presentation of songs, skits and spoken word performances. How stirring to see kids from ALL walks of life singing about what it is to be an American and muse on both the price of freedom and it's continuing costs.

The kids knew nothing of the presidential politicking going on around them, but instead embraced their patriotic performance with a zest and zeal that made every parent in the room proud (and more than a few teary-eyed).

What would it be like if the American citizenry paused for a few moments to reflect on Patriotism and the best candidate to take the country forward? Mitt's move was a brilliant one from the standpoints of selflessly uniting the Republican party, positioning himself for a run in 2012 and - as my father pointed out - giving John McCain some much-needed wiggle room to appeal to conservatives.

Still... this Romney supporter feels real twinges of regret, frustration and a little despair when thinking about the next 4 years of Democratic leadership now destined for America. I just don't see McCain having the "IT" needed to capture the hearts, minds and hopeful nature of the American voting public. Make way for Barack Hussein Obama.

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