Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family Vacations

Well... we're in the middle of a family vacation, and ALL that entails. The highs, lows and in-betweens. Any parent with a pulse and/or a brain synapse "firing" knows that traveling with kids is a challenge met with equal doses of resistance, enthusiasm, and independence. Let me address each separately:

RESISTANCE: "I don't wanna go..." "Wait a minute..." Egads, will the whining never end? I mean, geez guys - we're SUPPOSED to be having fun here, but really why did I think it would be any different than the crap we see at home?

ENTHUSIASM: "C'mon dad, let's do X, Y, and Z - all at once!" Whoa - Christmas is the ultimate kid narcotic. Pretty cool stuff, the powerful mojo that Santa still wields in their little simian minds. I mean, literally this morning Etho and I were battling each other with these cool air-powered "Popper" guns firing ping-pong-sized foam balls, he whilst riding a Razor scooter and I swinging on a swing yelling at each other. Each firing away as the Santa Ana winds up here in Oxnard/Ventura were carrying the balls away harmlessly. The old man still has it, but youth and energy is catching up quickly. He'll for sure be kicking my ass by 15 if I don't watch it.

INDEPENDENCE: Ahhh... my little girl is growing up too. Emily has an independent streak if not a mile long (yet) at least a few hundred yards. Yes, like every girl her age she is obsessed with "Hanna Montana" and "Bratz" (the latter of which piss me off), but her exploratory nature never ceases to amaze. Swinging from the monkey bars like a simian. Punching Uncle Steve in the gut. And taking all her brother can dish out - with all the "cup dranish" (as my dearly departed mom used to say) she takes from Ethan, it's a wonder her psyche is intact. The old adage "that which does not kill me only serves to make me stronger" seems like it's in healthy play here in our children.

But, I digress. Family vacations: we're working on memories here folks. Implanting them so that decades from now, the lil' chillin' fondly recall the "trip up the coast" they made during Christmas 2007. If I don't think of it in these terms, I shall surely go crazy. LOL. Peace Out. (the Alaskan Winter Ale I'm sipping is going down crisply)

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