Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Coastal Christmas RV Trip - Day One

It's long been a fleeting dream of mine to be "filing stories" from the road - stories of whom and to whom unknown, but still... So, with my trusty Nik D200, a gently used and oh-so-cool world weathered tripod from Tony Dude, my family, a couple of Viszlas, and the good 'ol RV, we embark.

The first stop up the coast is Oxnard/Ventura where Mary (Kim's mom) lives in a small house near enough to the water. Emily and Etho (and the dogs) are ecstatic to see Mary and the feeling is returned many-fold. "Uncle Dave" and Cousin Steve, Kim's brother and cousin respectively are also about and genuinely happy to be reunited with the four tiny tornadoes. Steve's back is stouter than mine given the workout he received.

Myself, I'm a little stressed. It's a lot of work and responsibility to load the Beast up, pilot it on the 101 through downtown LA, and get everything just so. Doesn't sound hard until you layer on two bickering kids - "why I oughtta..."

The weather is definitely cooperating with clear, cool days and nights. Truly amazing. I'm also having fun with this new photo "hobby" that Tony and Laurie have hooked me on. I lack their skills at this point (and probably forever), but nonetheless am looking at the world in an entirely different way: Light, shadows, composition, artfulness and what I think I can do "post-capture" in the computer all come into play. For instance, traveling back to the RV park from Mary's house tonight, I was struck by the possibilities of these two shots: Ventura Harbor and a large statue of Father Juniperra Serra in downtown Ventura. Wide angle lens, shot on manual with a looonnngg exposure time. Love the lens flares!

The next couple of days we'll be settling in working the holiday with the kids who are beside themselves with glee and "comeupitiveness" (little punks!). Good fun awaits too (besides the photography) - the kids are getting some great gifts no doubt. I also brought up my old BB gun from when I was a kid, so it will be a blast to "plink" around a bit. Just sign this road piece "To be continued..."

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