Sunday, December 30, 2007

Big Sur

Big Sur... the name conjures up majestic coastal seascapes, lush forests and a supremely winding Highway Numero Uno tracing the contours of the shoreline. I saw almost none of that in my pursuit of a dawn-time "money shot." LOL

On our last day in the Monterey/Carmel area I decided to get up early and hot-foot it down the coast for some fine photography and a home-cooked meal. Much to my chagrin, the misty rain and fog pretty much dashed the former, while the time of day dashed the latter. The fog was so thick in areas that I was slowed to a crawl and only by stopping at a turn-out and listening carefully to the crash of waves did I have confirmation that there was indeed a coastline nearby!

Still... the worst day shooting is better than the best day ____________ (fill in the blank) and there were some decent pics that came out of the trek. The Shell sign below was hanging on an old garage in back of a restaurant that I'd hoped would be open for breakfast - it totally fit my bill of a "locals only" type joint, but alas wouldn't open for 45 minutes after my arrival. So... I took a couple of pictures and moved on. The Bixby Bridge, erected in 1932, was especially arresting.

I'd like to see Big Sur again in good weather, and preferably by motorcycle - the road would demand stiff concentration, but that would make the sweet Joe at local haunts even more enjoyable.

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