Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Backgammon Lesson

So... I "taught" Ethan the ages-old game of Backgammon this evening, after wresting his psyche from that danged Nintendo DS his parents got him. Alternatively frustrating and prideful at the same time. Frustrating because he didn't want to listen to any rote recital of the rules. Prideful because HE GOT IT, and almost instantly. One time through and he understands:
  • Blots
  • Home courts
  • Counting and moving a piece one die at a time
  • The "bar"
Now... make no mistake, the subtleties still totally escape him: when to play a "back" game, when to leave a blot open (single piece on a pike), what the doubling cube means, etc.

However, I'm psyched about his gaming spirit and there's not doubt the little punk has LUCK. After all, he beat me fair and square! Can't wait for the next game. ;-)

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