Friday, November 23, 2007

Unpleasant Trip to Sahuarita

Unpleasant Trip to Sahuarita, AZ

Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do. Take this weekend for instance: there's nothing more I'd rather be doing than hanging out with my wife Kim and the kids for the holidays. Instead, I'm doing something a bit unpleasant, but also important - attending the disposition of my late step-father's possessions by his trustee. Uggh.

Still, visiting the Old Pueblo, as Tucson is affectionately referred, has some cool pluses - two specifically: my long-time friends John Hurley and Carol Lemon, whom I met waaaay back in high school! That was a long time ago in case you hadn't noticed!

John is a comic book collector of extraordinary loyalty to DC - I'm a Marvel man myself, so I don't get it, but as you can see from the picture below John has very definitely drunken the proverbial kool-aid. ;-)

Carol is a kung-fu swattin', ninja mofo Six Sigma Chick, which basically means that she can run circles around this 'ol project manager and ask lots of quality- and process-oriented questions that would embarrass a NASA engineer. I won't say what company Carol works for, nor which large Governmental agency with which she spends most of her time, but suffice to say she is a bad-ass. Oh, and also quite a renaissance woman with - get this - her own radio show on Saturdays! She dispenses relationship advice. OMG. Well... bully for her.

Carol & Kevin

Her new man, Phil the Aussie, seems pretty cool but I'll have to meet him in person for the final verdict. Trying to get them to come over for Christmas, 2007...

So, all-in-all, an OK day - particularly with an "eegee's" frozen lemonade drink thrown in to the mix. Tomorrow, we'll see. I have a trailer for carting stuff back to SD, and also for moving stuff into storage for my sister Jody. I'm as prepared as I can be from the logistics side; the emotional side is another matter. Cheers.

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