Saturday, March 10, 2007

PMA 2007 - Las Vegas Report

PMA 2007 - Las Vegas Report

So the last few days I've been at the Photo Marketing Association annual show in Vegas (PMA). Massive industry. The Canon, Fuji, Sony and Nikon booths were undeniably huge. Lotsa "glass" (as they say in the industry).

In our booth, Nik announced Dfine 2.0, which is a bitchin' update to the earlier version. Josh (product manager) has done a solid job working with the German guys on the UI and the technology. The addition of U Point technology is also a big milestone: This is the first commercial application of patented U Point outside of the Nikon Capture NX software. Uniformly well-received.

Our own Tony Corbell did a bang-up job demo'ing at the Nikon booth and "wowing" crowds with his mastery of all things Capture NX. Fun stuff indeed, esp. when the lightbulb went off for the audience that they could actually edit photos THAT easily!

These shows are always good for networking and meeting others with like interests, either professionally or personally. I had the good fortune of meeting up with Anit Gupta of Photojojo. I strongly encourage you subscribe to this deceptively simple and very cool blog - great DIY ("do it yerself") projects! Also met many authors and writers including Mikkel Aaland, Vincent Versace and Jason Odell, who authored an excellent Capture NX book called "The Photographer's Guide to Capture NX."

In other news, there were several amazing/awesome dinners - including a very fine Indian restaurant this evening. Learning Craps at the Hard Rock Cafe was also good fun. Thanks Ed, Josh and Tony!!

As I'm ready to head home, I'll leave you all with this thought from the good people at "What happens in Vegas, gets Photoshopped out." LOL